Board Review for January 16th Meeting

Board Review for January 16th Meeting
Posted on 01/26/2017
Bluejay* Approved unlimited spaces from open enrollment (unless we do not have a special program in special education).

* Approved the installation of Interior Doors separating Commons from the Main HS/MS Entrance (to improve security and in the future to open the fitness center to a greater degree).

* Approved a resolution to the state legislature and governor for future calendar student start dates to be derived by local control.

* Reviewed the State Report Card (to be presented to staff on January 30) and the Strategic Plan Goals.

* Approved the bills and minutes from 12/19.

* Approved the following spring coaches:

Cheryl Strunk - Boys Varsity Head
Cheryl Strunk - Girls Varsity Head
Korey Rottscheit - Assistant
Ken Kraft - Assistant
Korey Rottscheit - MS

Bill Coker - Varsity Head
Dale Westfall - Assistant
Todd Diethelm - Frosh
Tim Krueger - Volunteer Assistant
Todd Diethelm - MS Grade 8
Aaron Ellenbecker - MS Grade 7

Craig Diedrich - Varsity Head
Chris Czech - Assistant
Dean Frick - Frosh
Brittany Oblak - Volunteer Assistant
Kevin Denzin - Volunteer Assistant
Jeff Haines - MS Grade 8
Ashley Zinkowich - MS Grade 7