District Solo & Ensemble Vocal Results

District Solo & Ensemble Vocal Results
Posted on 03/29/2017
Here are the results for the Athens High School & Middle School Vocal Solo & Ensemble which where held at Abbotsford on March 24th.

ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL                                                               

Class A Starred 1st (will perform at State)
Musical Theatre Kristen Wickman
Classical Solo Kristen Wickman, Megan Nowak, Marcianna Olson
Classical Duet  Nicole Schaetzl & Kristen Wickman 

Class A 1st
Musical Theatre Megan Nowak
Classical Solo Pauline Tradewell

Class A 2nd
Musical Theatre
Rae Jean Stowe, Marcianna Olson, Pauline Tradewell, Reanna Stowe, Megan Nowak

Classical Solos
Rae Jean Stowe, Reanna Stowe, Kierra Penney

AHS Show Choir
Kristen Wickman, Kierra Penney, Rae Jean Stowe, Megan Nowak, Marcianna Olson, Brittany Zillmer, Brock Hartmann, Aaron Hartmann, Andrew Hartmann, Reanna Stowe, Nicole Schaetzl, Paige Reynolds, DJ Clark, Edison Marohl, Alicia Hoffman, Jacob Ratajczyk, Parker Tischauser, and Lee Woiak

Class B 1st
Classical Solo Paige Reynolds

Class B 2nd
Classical Solo Alicia Hofmann, Hayley Schug

Class B 1st
SATB Quartet Lee Woiak, Edison Marohl, Andrew Hartmann & Aaron Hartmann

Class C 1st
Classical Duet Reanna Stowe & Paige Reynolds

Class B 2nd
TTB Trio  Parker Tischauser, Brett Albrecht & Jonny Albrecht

Class A Starred 1st ( Will Perform at State)       
Classical Solo Savannah Wester

Class A 2nd
Classical Solo Hattie Nowacki

Class B 1st
Classical  Solo Kaitlyn Riehle

Class C 1st
Classical Duet Elle Gauerke & Savannah Epping, Alonna Haines & Danielle Schug, Shyana Finck & Hattie Nowacki

Class C 2nd
Classical Solo Savannah Epping, Elle Gauerke, Alonna Haines