Board Review for April 24th Meeting

Board Review for April 24th Meeting
Posted on 04/26/2017
Bluejay* The Oath of Office was taken by newly elected board member, Steve Janke, and re-elected board members, Jessica Frahm and Tim Krueger.

* The 2017-18 Board Officers are:
     President - Tim Krueger
     Vice President - Jon Wagner
     Clerk - Jessica Frahm
     Treasurer - Shanon Frahm

* The 2017-18 Board Appointments are:
     MCSE - Lori Haines (three-year term)
     CESA 9 - Shanon Peel
     WASB - Tim Krueger
     WASB Alternate - Kenny Ellenbecker
     Buildings & Grounds - Shanon Peel, Kenny Ellenbecker, Steve Janke
     Personnel-Finance-Transportation - Jessica Frahm, Jon Wagner, Kenny Ellenbecker
     Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment - Shanon Peel, Jon Wagner, Jessica Frahm

* Board members reported on MCSE and CESA 9

* The Board Member Elections were:
     Tim Krueger - 262
     Steve Janke - 276
     Jessica Frahm - 297

* Approval was given for a Procedure to Fill the Current Vacancy on the Board

* The Summer School 2017 program was approved.

* Regarding inclement weather day this year, the Board approved Option 5 which is to have neither students nor staff make up the time.  (We are within the statutory hours required by the state.)

* First Reading:  #763 School Meal Account Charges and Collections 

* Accepted the donation of practice/competition (2nd set) of wrestling mats from the Athens Wrestling Club.  THANKS SO MUCH!

* Approved the financial statement, bills, and minutes.

* Approved the resignation of Daysi Kovach as a teacher of Spanish at Athens High School effective at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

* Approved individual teacher contracts as presented.

* No action on hiring a business education teacher/FBLA advisor.

* Approved the hiring of Tanielle Hartwig as our new Athens High School Head Volleyball Coach.

* Approved a non-resident student transportation request for 2017-18.

* Approved the 2017-18 Spanish Program to occur on the CWETN (Central Wisconsin Educational Telecommunications Network in CESA 10) for Spanish I and Spanish II.  In other words, a two-way instructional model with a teacher in the Eleva-Strum school district.  The Board also approved to hire an instructional aide to support our students in Athens in the Spanish Program.

* There was no action on the Business Education Program for 2017-18.

* Approved the addition of a Grade 3-4 teacher for 2017-18.  The position will transition to the Grade 4-5 position in 2018-19.