Board Review for May 15th Meeting

Board Review for May 15th Meeting
Posted on 05/16/2017
BluejayHere's a summary of the meeting:

* Reports 
     > MCSE - welcome to Kimberly (Schaetzl) Mroczenski for AES SpEd Teacher and Katrina Penney for MS SpEd Teacher; Brittany Oblak is transferring within MCSE to Spencer
     > CESA 9 - "Excellence in Teaching Program"
* Administrator Reports 

* Action
     > Approved the financial statement
     > Approved the bills
     > Approved April 24, April 29, and May 1 minutes
     > Approved the Manufacturing Agreement with Colby
     > Approved Policy #763 School Meal Account Charges and Collections 
     > Approved Alio as our Financial Software
     > Approved the 2017-18 Food Service Plan (an internal posting will forthcoming)
     > Approved the 2017-18 Instructional Aide Proposal for AES (internal postings of both positions will be forthcoming)
     > Approved Co-Curricular Performance Pay (State Events) for Band/Choir Solo-Ensembles, FBLA, Skills USA, Forensics, and Science Olympiad
     > Approved Jessica Janke as MS Assistant Track Coach
     > Approved Fall Coaches (see below)
     > Approved Specialty Assignments
           = Athletic Director - Craig Diedrich summer contract extension.
           = Activities Supervisor - Paul Hoffman
           = District Newsletter - Beth Steinke
           = Pianist - Mark Schroeder
           = Concessions - Wendy Brodziski
     > Approved the following New Hires:
           = Cherish Byrd - Grade 1
           = Kristine Bunkelman - Grade 3/4
     > Approved Open Enrollment Applications for 2017-18
     > No action on 17-18 Compensation Amounts nor Administrative Contracts

Craig Diedrich Assistant Coach
Dale Westfall Assistant Coach
Seth Seubert Additional Assistant (split)
Cameron Diedrich Additional Assistant (split)
Kevin Denzine Volunteer Assistant
Mike Thurs Volunteer Assistant
Adam Ellenbecker Volunteer Assistant
VACANT Middle School (8)
Shawn Steinke Middle School (7)
Mark Kelly Middle School (6)

Jessica Bingham JV
Kathy Luther Frosh
Amanda Ellenbecker 7/8 Grade
Robin Langhoff 6/7 Grade

Cross Country
Korey Rottscheit HS
Korey Rottscheit MS
Brian Anderson Volunteer Assistant