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Bienvenidos a la clase de Español con la maestra Kovach.

This year will be full of knowledgeable adventures with listening, oral, reading, and writing activities in Spanish. Use the links provided on the left to practice and become better in your ability to speak a foreign language.

Don't forget practice makes perfect.

Maestra Kovach

World Language Room 116
Exploratory Spanish
Spanish I-II and III 
spanish 15-1spanish 15-2spanish 15-3spanish 15-4spanish 15-5spanish 15-6spanish 15-7spanish 15-8spanish 15-9spanish 15-10spanish 15-11spanish 15-12spanish 15-13spanish 15-14spanish 15-15spanish 16-1Spanish 16-2Spanish 16-3spanish 16-4spanish 16-5spanish 16-6