Board Review from November 16, 2015

Board Review from November 16, 2015
Posted on 11/18/2015

Here is a review of what happen during the November Regular School Board Meeting which was held November 16th.

Approved Bev Braun as the Deputy Clerk for School Board Elections.

Reviewed board member attendance to WASB convention.

Approved the 2016-17 School Calendar​.

Approved the following Policy Updates:

345.6 Graduation Requirements - new statute requirement

423 Public School Open Enrollment - new statute requirement
453.1 Emergency Nursing Services - major revision
453.1 R Emergency Nursing Service Guidelines - major revision
453.11 Emergency Care and Automated Electronic Defibrillator - minor revision
453.4 Administering Medications to Students - major revision
453.4 Guidelines for Administering Medications to Students - complete revision

522.7 Staff Acceptable Use Procedures for Network Internet Access - reviewed by Tech Committee
522.7 E Staff Acceptable Use Procedures for Network Internet Access Form - reviewed by Tech Committee
537 Professional Staff Development Opportunities - update
537 R Professional Staff Development Guidelines - update
537.1 Co-Curricular Workshops Clinics and Tournaments - update
537.1 R Guidelines for Attendance at Workshops Clinics and Tournaments - update
537.21 Coaches Advisors Chaperones Conduct and Responsibilities - code change
531.1 Classroom Instruction (Job Description)
531.2 Information and Technology Literacy Specialist (Job Description)
531.3 Athletic Director (Job Description)
531.4 Literacy Specialist (Job Description)
531.5 School Counselor (Job Description)
533 Recruitment and Selection of Staff (Certified, Classified, and Support Staff
534 Substitute Teachers
535 Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

Repeal the following Policies
453.1 E1 Emergency Care Principles
453.1 E2 Enrollment Card and Medical Information
453.1 E3 First Aid Log
453.4 E1 Medication Permission and Instruction
453.4 E2 Medication Record

Approved the financial statement, bills, and minutes.

Approved performance pay for fall high school school coaches.