Board Review from December 21, 2015

Board Review from December 21, 2015
Posted on 01/04/2016
BluejaysHere's a summary of the Regular Board Meeting of December 21:

* Two citizens expressed their thoughts on the proposed bonus pay form.  One of those citizens expressed thoughts on a draft teacher compensation plan.

* Support was extended to Marissa Nowicki, Mr. Bloomer, and Mrs. Brewster for future FBLA activities.

* Attached are the Board & Administrator's Reports.  (Ben Weller's revitalized motorcycle was on hand to view from the tech ed department - job well done.)

​* The Board reviewed WASB Resolutions.

* The financial statement, bills, and minutes from previous meetings were approved.

* The Bonus Pay Form was returned to the Personnel-Finance-Transportation Committee for further work based on other ideas discussed at the meeting.

* The reviewed courses for the Agriculture program were approved.

* The following policies were approved (and will be placed on the district website forthcoming).
#411.1 Student Harassment &/or Bullying
#411.1 R Student Harassment &/or Bullying Complaint Procedures
#453.12 Management of Concussions in the School Setting
#453.12 R Management of Concussions in the School Setting Procedures
#453.3 Communicable Diseases
#453.3 R Communicable Disease Procedures
#538 Professional Staff Evaluations
#541.4 Food Service Supervisor (Job Description)
#541.41 Food Service Employee (Job Description)
#541.6 Technology Support Specialist (Job Description)

* A one-year FBLA advisor contract was approved for Mrs. Brewster for possible additional activities in the future.

* Approved winter coaching contracts for MS Wrestling (Chad & Adam Ellenbecker), C Team GBB (Deb Frick), and 8th BBB (Jeremie Penney).