Board Review from January 18, 2016

Board Review from January 18, 2016
Posted on 02/01/2016
* Reports were given on Marathon County Special Education, CESA 9, Personal-Finance-Transportation Committee, and District Advisory Committee.

* Reports were given by our administrative team (see attached).

* WASB (Wisconsin Association of School Boards) Resolutions were reviewed.  Tim Krueger is the Board's delegate and represents our District this week in Milwaukee at the State Convention.

* Open Enrollment Spaces:  The Board endorsed the superintendent's recommendation that no space limits be placed on regular and special education OE students (except where denial is allowed under Board policy or State statute).

* The CESA 10 contract was approved for CWETN and Distance Learning Hosting services for 2016-17.

* First reading of the following policies:
a. 720 School Safety Program ­ new
b. 751 Student Transportation Services ­ revise
c. 751 E2 Transportation to Babysitters Child Care Providers ​­ minor updates
d. 751.1 EEN Transportation ­ repeal
e. 751.2 Use of Video Cameras on School Buses ­ new (administrative request)
f. 751.3 Field Trip and Co­Curricular Activity ​Transportation ­ combine and update with Co­Curricular Transportation (751.2)
g. 753 Use of School­Owned Vehicles ­ major updates
h. 760 Food Service Management ­ complete revision
i. 771 Use of ​Copyrighted Materials​­ update

* Approved the financial statement, bills, and 12/21 minutes.

* Approved the second reading of the following policies (to be found on the district website):
a. 541.11 Head Maintenance/Custodial Buildings and Grounds Supervisor (Job Description) ­ Update
b. 541.12 Maintenance/Custodial ­ Elementary Building Maintenance Custodian (Job Description) ­ Update
c. 541.13 Night Custodial Custodian (Job Description) ­ Update
d. 541.2 Administrative Assistant (Job Description) ­ Update
e. 541.31 District Secretary (Job Description) ­ Update
f. 541.32 Middle/High School Secretary (Job Description) ­ Update
g. 541.33 Elementary Secretary (Job Description) ­ Update
h. 541.5 Teacher Aide (Job Description) ­ Update
i. 662.1 Student Activity Funds Management ­ Update
j. 662.3 Fund Balance ­ Revise
k. 671.1 Payroll Schedules ­ Revise
l. 671.2 Expense Reimbursements ­ Update
m. 672.1 Agents and Solicitors Vendor Relations​­ New Title
n. 691 690 ​School Properties Disposal Procedure ­ New Number & Update

* Approved the following spring coaches:

Cheryl Strunk - Boys Varsity Head
Cheryl Strunk - Girls Varsity Head
Joel Mroczenski - Assistant
Brian Anderson - Assistant
Ken Kraft - Assistant
Korey Rottscheit - MS
Lori Ellenbecker - MS Volunteer Assistant

Bill Coker - Varsity Head
Dale Westfall - Assistant
Todd Diethelm - Frosh

Craig Diedrich - Varsity Head
Chris Czech - Frosh
Dean Frick - Volunteer Assistant
Kevin Denzine - Volunteer Assistant
MS Grade 8
MS Grade 7