Board Review from February 15, 2016

Board Review from February 15, 2016
Posted on 02/21/2016
Board Review from February 15, 2016  * Three 4th-grade students presented on their Funnel Ball project and received the informal go-ahead by the Board.

* The 2014-15 District Assessment Data was presented by Mrs. Redmann.

* A summary of the outcomes for the AGR (Achievement Gap Reduction) program was presented by Mrs. Redmann.

* A summary of MCSE was presented by Mrs. Haines, MCSE Board Representative.

* The CESA 9 report was presented by Mr. Zubke, CESA 9 Board Representative.

* Highlights of the WASB convention was presented by Mr. Krueger, WASB Board representative.

* Minutes of the Personal-Finance-Transportation, Buildings & Grounds, and District Advisory committees are attached.

* Administrator reports are attached.

* The Circus is coming to town in July 2016.  Facility use request approved.

* The Board approved the following purchases:

     > Safety netting around the softball-baseball-concessions areas.
     > Additional camera outside the building (four @ MS/HS; 2 @ elementary)
     > Replacement Gym Scoreboards with LED lighting.

* Policy Updates First Reading (recommendations from WASB)

812 811.1 Parent/Guardian Involvement - code change
821 823 Access to Public Records - code change and updates
823 R Procedures to Access Public Records - new
830 Community Use of School Facilities and Property - update
830 R School Facilities and Property Use - update
830 E School Facilities and Property Use Form - update
831 Tobacco Use on School Premises - update
832 Weapons on School Premises - new
840 Gifts and Bequests to the Schools - update
840 R Gifts and Bequests Rules for Acceptance - update
840 E Gifts and Bequests to the School District Form - update
850 Public Solicitation on School Premises - new
860 Visitors to Schools and District Property - new
870 Public Complaints - minor updates
870 R Procedures Guidelines for Handling Parent Concerns - minor updates
871 Public Complaints About Instruction or Library Materials - minor updates
891.2 Relations with Private Schools/Programs Home-Based Private Education (Homeschooling) - update

​* Approved the financial statement, bills, minutes of previous meetings.

* Approved the following policies (will be found on our website in the near future).

720 School Safety Program
751 Student Transportation Services
751 E2 Transportation to Child Care Providers
751.2 Use of Video Cameras on School Buses
751.3 Field Trip and Co-Curricular Activity Transportation
753 Use of School-Owned Vehicles
760 Food Service Management
771 Use of Copyrighted Material​s

​* Repealed the following policy
751.1 EEN Transportation

* Approved Ashley Zinkowich as a 7th grade softball coach.