Board Review for April 25th Meeting

Board Review for April 25th Meeting
Posted on 04/26/2016
Board Review for April 25th MeetingHere's summary of last night's meeting:

Jon Wagner and Patrick Kornack recited the Oath of Office as newly elected board members.  Congratulations for another three-year term on the Board.

* Board Officers Elected:
     > President - Patrick Kornack
     > Vice President - Jon Wagner
     > Clerk - Jessica Frahm
     > Treasurer - Kevin Zubke

* Board Appointments:
     > MCSE - Lori Haines
     > CESA 9 - Kevin Zubke
     > WASB - Tim Krueger
     > WASB Alternate - Ken Ellenbecker
     > CWETN - Kevin Zubke
     > Buildings & Grounds - Shanon Peel, Ken Ellenbecker, Tim Krueger
     > Personnel-Finance-Transportation - Jon Wagner, Ken Ellenbecker, Kevin Zubke
     > Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment - Jon Wagner, Shanon Peel, Jessica Frahm

* A teacher asked the Board to review the teacher compensation plan and requested consideration be given to begin the rating year and license renewal sections prior to July 1 and consideration for those teachers with life licenses to grow professionally by taking credits.

* Election results were received.

* Summer School 2016 was approved.  (There will be three weeks scheduled for swimming.)

* No action was taken on the CESA 10 Facility Assessment Agreement.

* The Summer Food Service Program was approved.

* The 2016-19 Technology Plan was approved.

* The Staff Development Proposal was approved.

The last day of school for students is now Friday, June 3, at the end of regular day in both buildings.

Staff development will occur with leadership from the principals on June 6, 7, and 8.

* The following policies received a first reading:

221 Recruitment and Appointment of Administrators - update
222.2 222.1 Administrator Termination of Employment - code change
223 Administrator and Supervisor Professional Development Opportunities and Allowable Expenses - update
223 R Allowable Expenses - repeal (incorporate into 223)
223.1 Professional Organizations - repeal (incorporation into 223)
231 Qualifications and Duties of District Administrator (Job Description) - minor revisions
233 Qualifications and Duties of Principals (Job Description) - minor revisions
251 E Organizational Chart for Administrative Purposes - update
253.2 Development and Approval of Handbooks - reference only (no updates)

* The following policies were approved as a second reading (and will be posted to the website later):

110 Educational Philosophy
110 R Academic Standards
113.1 Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
120 School District Legal Status
133 Filling School Board Vacancies
141 Board Officers
150 School Board Governance
151 Board Policy Adoption
152 Goal Setting Calendar
153 E1 Board of Education Personal Self-Evaluation
153 E2 Board of Education Questionnaire
164 Board Member Compensation and Allowable Expenses
164 R Allowable Expenses
187 Public Participation at Board Meetings
171.2 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
171.2 E Order of Business
172 Special Board Meetings
173 Executive Sessions
166 Board Member Electronic Communications
182 Quorum
185 Board Committees
186 Board Committee Procedures
458 School Wellness and Nutrition
458 R School Wellness and Nutrition Guidelines

* The financial statement, bills, and minutes were all approved.

* Nathan Dahl's resignation was approved.

* Teacher contracts for 2016-17 were approved.