Professor Visits Athens Elementary

Professor Visits Athens Elementary
Posted on 05/19/2016
Professor Visits Athens ElementaryBy: Mary Hessefort Title One Teacher/Reading Specialist

Have you ever thought about explaining how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to someone?  (Students used a peanut butter substitute called Sun Butter because of nut allergies).  On Friday, May 6th, 2016,  Athens Elementary School Kindergarten through 5th graders sure did!    Professor Jill Stukenberg from the University of Wisconsin Marathon County (UWMC) came to share her expertise in writing.  

She talked about the importance of being specific in writing directions. If someone said “put the jelly on the bread,” Professor Jill placed the unopened packet of grape jelly on top of a piece of bread.  After the giggling stopped, students tried to help her clarify the direction by adding details and verbs.   

She also emphasized how ideas had to be put in order using introductory or sequencing words. Words like first, second, next and last made the writing easier to understand.  

Finally, Mrs. Stukenberg had the older students write for different audiences.  It was interesting for students to realize that who an author writes for may change the way they write and the words they choose. At the conclusion of writing how to make a yummy Sun Butter and jelly sandwich, all students got to devour their mouth-watering creations!   

Athens Elementary School would like to thank Professor Jill Stukenberg for sharing her knowledge and time with our lucky students and staff. You’re the best!