Board Review for May 16th Meeting

Board Review for May 16th Meeting
Posted on 05/23/2016
Board Review for May 16th MeetingHere's a Summary of the May 16 Regular Board of Education Meeting

* A "year-end" financial 15-16 budget special BoE meeting was set for June 28

* The Professional Staff Compensation Plan Adjustments reviewed by the PFT Committee were approved (see attached).

* 66.0301 contracts were approved for the NTC Manufacturing Program (Colby) and NTC Early Childhood Program (Spencer).

* For Health Insurance, Security Health Plan was approved with matching the current plan.

* The following policies were updated:

Approve the Second Reading of the following Policies:
221 Recruitment and Appointment of Administrators
222.1 Administrator Termination of Employment
223 Administrator and Supervisor Professional Development Opportunities and Allowable Expenses
231 District Administrator (Job Description)
233 Principals (Job Description)
251 E Organization for Administrative Purposes
Repeal the following Policies:
223 R Allowable Expenses
223.1 Professional Organizations

* The financial statement, bills, and minutes were approved.

* Co-Curricular Performance Pay was approved.

* Fall Coaching Contracts were approved.

* Open Enrollment Applications were approved.

* Compensation amounts for all staff were approved.  An average 2% salary/wage increase was approved.  (Details for each individual employee forthcoming.)

* Approved administrative contracts.